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By 1928, many Parkhill citizens had moved, and were scattered all over North America and the world. Parkhill residents organized an enormous reunion, hoping to attract friends and relatives back to the 'old home town'. As the attached list shows, they were highly successful.

For those family historians whose ancestors lived in the Parkhill area, this list may help you find those who moved away.

This list was transcribed from various spring and summer issues of the 1928 Parkhill Gazette. It appears that the names of those attending were published as space permitted.

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Abbott, Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert   Port Huron, Mich. 
Adair, Claire   Forest, Ont. 
Adair, Howard    Forest, Ont. 
Adair, Mrs. Samuel    Forest, Ont. 
Adams, Mrs. A. J.    Essex. 
Aitken, A. E.    London, Ont.
Aitken, Mrs. H. E.    London, Ont.
Allan, Jean    Toronto, Ont.
Allen, Shim    Toronto, Ont.
Allin, Miss Mayfred    Toronto, Ont.
Allin, Mrs.(Rev.) S. J.    Toronto, Ont.
Allington, M.    London, Ont.
Amos, Florence    Hamilton, Ont.
Amos, M. B.    Hamilton, Ont.
Anderson, Alma    Bay City, Mich.
Anderson, Roy    Bay City, Mich.
Appleton, J. S. and family    Rochester
Appleton, Mr. & Mrs. J. T.    Rochester
Appleton, Mrs. John    Crediton, Ont.
Appleton, Thomas    Exeter, Ont.
Armitage, Mr & Mrs. W. H.    Hamilton, Ont.
Armstrong, Cecil    Avonlea, Sask.
Armstrong, M.    St. Thomas, Ont.
Armstrong, Mrs. Albert    Avonlea, Sask.
Armstrong, Mrs. M. c.    St. Thomas, Ont.
Armstrong, Mrs. W. J.   Guelph, Ont.
Arnold, A. A.    Windsor, Ont.
Arnold, Billy    Windsor, Ont.
Arnold, Cecil
Arnold, Esther   Windsor, Ont.
Arnold, Howard    London, Ont.
Arnold, Jas.    London, Ont.
Arnold, Keith   Windsor, Ont.
Arnold, Master Billy    Galt, Ont.
Arnold, Master Tommy    Galt, Ont.
Arnold, Miss Shirley    Galt, Ont.
Arnold, Mrs. E. A.    Windsor, Ont.
Arnold, Mrs. E. J.    London, Ont.
Arnold, Mrs. Elizabeth    Windsor, Ont.
Arnold, Mrs. T. A.    Galt, Ont.
Arnold, Thos.    London, Ont.
Arnold, Thos. A.    Galt, Ont. Babeuse, F. J.    Stratford, Ont.
Babeuse, W. H.    Stratford, Ont.
Baird, Hugh and family    Milverton, Ont.
Baldwin, Pearl    Sarnia, Ont.
Banks, Mrs. He. E.    Port Lambton
Barnett, Mrs. C. F.    Hamilton, Ont.
Barrett, Claire    Paris, Ont.
Barrett, Geo.    Paris, Ont.
Bastedo, J. M.   Port Huron, Mich.
Bates, Geo.    Kingston, Mich.
Battray, Col. J. G.    Ottawa, Ont.
Baxter, Jno.   Detroit, Mich.
Baxter, Mrs.    London, Ont.
Baxter, Mrs. James    London, Ont.
Bearinger, Gladys   Detroit, Mich.
Beers, Mrs. Robt. W.    Detroit, Mich.
Belle, Mrs. W. C.    Sarnia, Ont.
Belt, Mrs. A. C.    Detroit, Mich.
Belt, Thomas A.    Detroit, Mich.
Beresford, Mrs. E.    London, Ont.
Bernard, Bernice    Omaha
Berney, G. W.    Caledon East, Ont.
Berney, Mrs. Bertha    Ottawa, Ont.
Berryhill, Gordon    London, Ont.
Berryhill, Mrs. Gordon    London, Ont.
Bethridge, Steve E.    St. Marys, Ont.
Beven, Thos. H.    London, Ont.
Bevenidge, Ms. C. W.    Detroit, Mich.
Bexton, Mrs. S.   London, Ont.
Billington, Wm.    Bay City, Mich.
Billinton, W. M.    Bay City, Mich.
Binke, James J.    Detroit, Mich.
Birch, J. W.    London, Ont.
Bissett, Mr. & Mrs. D    High Prairie, Alta.
Bittner, John Mt.    Healthy, Ohio
Bittner, Mrs. John Mt.    Healthy, Ohio
Black, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.    Roseland
Black, Mrs. E. W.    Detroit, Mich.
Bloomfield, Mr. & Mrs. Jas.    Stratford, Ont.
Bodkin, Mrs. E. C.    London, Ont.
Bolger, Thos J.    Evanston
Borthwick, Allan    Ailsa Craig, Ont.
Bowler, Ruth    Stonewall, Man
Bowman, Mrs. W. H.    London, Ont.
Boyden, Harold    Watford
Brady, Elmer   London, Ont.
Bridgemean, Owen    Weston, Ont.
Brodie, H. B.    Melbourne
Brodie, John Mt.    Brydges, Ont.
Brooks, Mrs. C.    London, Ont.
Brophey, Mrs. Mary Jane    Ailsa Craig, Ont.
Brothers, Mrs. Roy (Hayter)    Stratford, Ont.
Broughton, Laura E.    Windsor, Ont.
Brown, James    Wallacetown, Ont.
Brown, Jno. R.    Ailsa Craig, Ont.
Brown, John R.    Ailsa Craig, Ont.
Brown, Mrs. F.    London, Ont.
Brown. Mrs. J.R. (Sarah Bishop)    Ailsa Craig, Ont.
Brownlee, Roy   London, Ont.
Buchanan, Albert    London, Ont.
Buchanan, Charles    London, Ont.
Buchanan, J. A.   London, Ont.
Buchanan, Miss Mayme    London, Ont.
Buchanan, Mrs. Albert    London, Ont.
Buchanan, Mrs. J. A.    London, Ont.
Burgman, Mrs. W. F.    Wingham, Ont.
Burling, Addison    Highland Park
Burling, Kenneth    Highland Park
Burlow, Ann    Port Huron, Mich.
Burlow, Master J. W.    Port Huron, Mich.
Burlow, Mrs. J. E.    Port Huron, Mich.
Burnett, Thos & Gertrude    London, Ont.
Burr, Mrs. W. R.    Preston
Burr, W. R.    Preston
Butler, Harry    London, Ont.
Butler, Mrs. H.    London, Ont.
Cadger, Mrs. N.   Detroit, Mich.
Cameron, A. G.    Callon, Peru.
Cameron, Alex    Cleveland, Ohio
Cameron, Bill    Lacrosse, Wisconsin
Cameron, J. R.    Fort William, Ont.
Cameron, L.    Los Angeles, Calif.
Cameron, Mr. & Mrs. D. M.    Detroit, Mich.
Cameron, Mr. Orville    Petrolia, Ont.
Cameron, Mrs. Orville    Petrolia, Ont.
Cameron, Mrs. W. A.    La Crosse.
Cameron, Ms. L    Courtright
Cameron, T.    Courtright
Campbell, Annie    London, Ont.
Campbell, Byron    Toronto, Ont.
Campbell, Marion E.    Appin
Campbell, R. J.    London, Ont.
Camron, Heln    Courtright
Carey, Mrs. M. C.    Port Huron, Mich.
Carr, B?. O.    Port Huron, Mich.
Carrier, Mrs. (Rev.)    Toronto, Ont.
Carriere, L. C.    Toronto, Ont.
Carriere, Margaret    Toronto, Ont.
Carriere, S. W.    Toronto, Ont.
Carroll, Mrs.    Strathroy, Ont.
Carroll, Mrs. John G. (Fern Peck)    Detroit, Mich.
Carruthers, J. D.    Sarnia, Ont.
Carter, George W.    Ilderton, Ont.
Carter, Mrs. Geo.    Ilderton, Ont.
Carter, R. E.    Brantford, Ont.
Cassidy, W. L.    Windsor, Ont.
Caughlin, Mrs. Jno.    Port Huron, Mich.
Caya, Gobe    Detroit, Mich.
Chalmers, Mrs. J. H.    Windsor, Ont.
Chandler, W. H.   London, Ont.
Chant, Mr. & Mrs. W. A.    Toronto, Ont.
Chappell, Miss Doris   London, Ont.
Charles, Mrs. G. (Yorke)
Chester, Mrs. T. G.    Port Huron, Mich.
Christie, Edna Baird    Bakersfield, California
Christie, J. A.    San Francisco, Calif.
Clark, Geo.    Exeter
Clark, H. L.    Port Huron, Mich.
Clark, Mrs. Geo    Hay
Clarke, Harold F.    London, Ont.
Clarke, Mrs. A. L.    Port Huron, Mich.
Clarke, Mrs. Harold    London, Ont.
Clements, Berna    49 Charles St.
Clements, Berna    London, Ont.
Clements, Jean    London, Ont.
Clements, Miss Lottie    Lemington
Cluney, Leo J.    Detroit, Mich.
Cockson, A.    London, Ont.
Colins, C. V.    Detroit, Mich.
Collen, Mrs. T.    St. Charles, Mich.
Collins, John D.    Detroit, Mich.
Collins, Mrs. Christ??    Detroit, Mich.
Collins, Mrs. John D.    Detroit, Mich.
Columbus, Mr. & Mrs. T.    Strathroy, Ont.
Condin, A. G.
Condon, Mrs. A. G.    Detroit, Mich.
Cook, Frank W.    Toronto, Ont.
Cooper, Charlotte Yorke   Sarnia, Ont.
Cooper, John    London, Ont.
Cooper, Miss T    London, Ont.
Cooper, Mrs. Geo.    Sarnia, Ont.
Cooper, Mrs. J.    London, Ont.
Cooper, Reta   Sarnia, Ont.
Corich, Miss Pearl    London, Ont.
Cornelius, B.    London, Ont.
Cornell, Mrs. F. A.    Windsor, Ont.
Cornish, Alfred    London, Ont.
Cornish, Mrs. Millie    London, Ont.
Cornish, Oscar Roy    London, Ont.
Cotter, J. Duncan    Springfield, Ill
Couch, Jas.    Deckerville, Mich.
Cousens, N. J.    Flint, Mich.
Cousins, Mrs. B.    London, Ont.
Cowan, C.    London, Ont.
Cowan, Margaret    London, Ont.
Cowan, Mrs. Chas.     London, Ont.
Cox, James F.    Sarnia, Ont.
Cramp, Mrs.    Hamilton, Ont.
Crawford, H. R.    Denfield, Ont.
Crawford, Mrs. Robert    Arkona, Ont.
Croxall, Mrs. W. S. (Minnie Phippen )
Cruickshank, Jno.
Cruickshank, Master John    Parkhill, Ont.
Cruickshank, Mr. F. A.    Detroit, Mich.
Cuddy, Sutherland    London, Ont.
Currie, Dorothea    Sarnia, Ont.
Dalt, Mrs. W. P.    London, Ont.
Daly, Mrs. Christine    London, Ont.
Daly, Stephen    London, Ont.
Dannelly, Mary   Toronto, Ont.
Danz, James    Detroit, Mich.
Darew, Mrs John (Annie McEachen)    Sarnia, Ont.
David, Mr. & Mrs. R. E.    Grand Rapids, Mich.
Davidson, Allan    Chicago, Ill.
Davis, Mr & Mrs G. M.    Cass City
Davis, Mrs. Ida    Detroit, Mich.
Davis, Mrs. W. O.    Fort Erie, Ont.
DeBelle, Grace    Toronto, Ont.
DeBelle, Mrs. O. J. New    Toronto, Ont.
Deith, Oliver    Toronto, Ont.
Demaray, Allan    Strathroy, Ont.
Demaray, Mrs. W. B.    Kerrwood, Ont.
Dempsey, B. C.    Preston
Dempsey, Glen    Regina, Sask
Dempsey, Martha    Preston
Dempsey, Morley B.    Regina, Sask
Dempsey, Mr & Mrs. Sam    Preston
Dempsey, Mr. Homer    Kamloops, B.C.
Dempsey, Violet    Preston
Denner, Mrs. A.    Petrolia, Ont.
Desaud, Mr, Mrs & Miss    London, Ont.
DeVore, Mrs J. A.    Grand Rapids, Mich.
DeVore, Mrs. J. A.    Grand Rapids, Mich.
Dewey, M. J. (Parkhill 1886)    West Palm Beach, Fla
Diggins, Mae, & Dorothy,
Diggins, Margaret, & Marion
Dignan, J. C.    London, Ont.
Dillon, Blanche    Toronto, Ont.
Dimmel, Mr & Mrs. H.    London, Ont.
Doan, J. A.    Thedford, Ont.
Doane, Mrs. Rebecca
Doane, Vida    Detroit, Mich.
Donnelly, C. V.    Toronto, Ont.
Donnelly, Claude    Toronto, Ont.
Donnelly, G. A.    Toronto, Ont.
Donohue, May    Sarnia, Ont.
Douglas, Mrs. A. J.    Detroit, Mich.
Dowdell, Alex    London, Ont.
Dowdell, James A.    Detroit, Mich.
Dowdell, Julia    London, Ont.
Dowdell, Mrs.   London, Ont.
Dowdell, Wm. J.    London, Ont.
Down, Harry Jr.   London, Ont.
Down, J. T.    Trenton, Ont.
Down, Mrs. Harry    London, Ont.
Down, Mrs. Maude    London, Ont.
Down, Mrs. W. H.    London, Ont.
Down, William H.    London, Ont.
Drake, W    London, Ont.
Drinker, Malcolm J.    Flint, Mich.
Driscoll, Mrs. Leonard (Lena Vernon)    Gananoque, Ont
Drought, George    Port Huron, Mich.
Drought, Mrs. George    Port Huron, Mich.
Drummond, Mrs. Jimmie    Detroit, Mich.
Drunsford, Mrs. Belle   Cleveland, Ohio
Dufton, Mary Longrurst    Thorndale, Ont.
Duncan, Mrs. W. J.    Detroit, Mich.
Duncan, William J. Jr.    Detroit, Mich.
Duncan, William J. Sr    Detroit, Mich.
Dunnell, Mrs. Andrew    St. Marys, Ont.
Dunnell, Mrs. John    St. Marys, Ont.
Durr, J. W.   St. Marys, Ont.
Durston, Bertha    Sarnia, Ont.
Dutton, Ed    London, Ont.

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